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I am fortunate to have worked with leaders who have created many businesses in a broad range of sectors and in different countries.  They inspired me with the understanding that I too could find an opportunity, invest all my energy, and create successful businesses.  The wide range of business examples and people involved generated a vast number of examples.  They provided lessons of what creates success, what can go wrong, and the constant need to improve.

I am grateful to have learned many lessons from my professional peers, supporting firms, clients, competitors, mentors, partners, employees, and other productive persons.

I am grateful the Dean at the University of California, Berkeley at our initiation into Phi Beta Kappa for drawing our attention to a basic principle:  Multiple university degrees, academic achievements, honors, deep knowledge, are only a foundation.  We need to continue to learn, work hard, innovate, and stay ahead of the crowd to achieve a productive, successful life.

I am thankful that I had many role models of how to be effective in different roles.  Examples of success provide inspiration and effective performance to become an entrepreneur, business startup manager, change agent, Chairman, board member, and other roles.  Over time, I learned from working together with others of different capabilities than mine.  The working relationships are difficult but the combined benefits are far beyond any one person.

One mentor, when I complained, reminded me that you beat on steel to make it hard and durable.  I feel that was one of the results from my moving to new offices of one of my companies, to facilitate another successful start-up.  Even more instructive is being brought into a disaster and fix it.

As a result of all these people, you can gain from the concepts in this website.  You can find mentors to help you develop your own skills to succeed.  Ask questions when needed.