Business Startup

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  • Mentor, based on experience

Find the person with proven experience in similar business and technology.

Provide valuable guidance based in extensive experience with finding, creating, and growing technical companies.

Provide experience as an investor, venture capitalist, and start up founder to help you with financing.

Form a company, optimize offices, procure equipment, fit out, recruit interview and evaluation, organize for success, marketing, operations, write contracts, manage company, legal and accounting services, and collections.

Discover risks and mitigate in advance.

Apply diverse experience from many businesses, organizations, projects, different people, and cultures.

Work with innovators, managers, and investors based on actual experience in each position.

  • Develop Management Tools

Create a business plan based on what you want to accomplish.  Have a mentor with extensive start up experience to help you.

Develop start-up and development project schedules, budgets, time, and cost controls.

Plan, organize, manage, and establish business information computer systems.

Establish procedures.

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