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Every day for years, we review a vast array of sources, analysis, reports, local news in the languages of various countries, company reports, economic analysis, trends, new technology, international trade, relations, conflicts, and more.

We keep extensive notes and summaries. More people are asking for us to share this information.

The volume is beyond emails. To manage the process of conveying this information in a quickly readable form, we have created a Subscription service. Our subscribers can access current trends, important situations, and more.

Where we are currently investing is included. Changes are shared when they are implemented.

You can become a Member. You can be the informed person. Further, if you wish, you can consider where we are investing.


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The result of years of writing notes, summaries, noting discoveries, and observing has become many volumes. As a result, there are 26 books.

They range from specific investing principles, technology, and international comparison to overall concepts that are not known to most people.

A few of the books are included in this website. They are available to Members Free, included as part of the investment information Membership.  Each of the books are available as an Amazon Kindle eBook.  Available to you in other formats and sources.  Post a request on this page.

When you have a subject for which you want a book to read, post a request. When the interest in a subject is extensive enough, we will publish another of the books. Each book will be available on this website.

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