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Explaining some subject that will help others.  If few would be interested, a link to the details, e.g. a Wikipedia page, could be sufficient.

Explanations and links to regulatory agencies, Federal regulations, to protect Members and guide them to honest, dependable, competent, and reliable accounts, services, and investments.

How to resolve some of questions and difficulties that arise in international, technology, business, and investing.


About James S Dielschneider

Unique combination of experience: Technology, business start-ups, and international investment. The ability to combine management, business, investing, science, and engineering, is based on a dual university education and wide experience. Business start-ups Created many start-ups from identifying a potential through every detail into full operation. On other businesses, worked with investment partners to facilitate and develop these businesses. Solve problems. Managed hundreds of projects. Company founder and Entrepreneur President, developer, and principal owner of two technology companies. While directing the companies, built the companies from one customer, few employees in one office to many customers, triple the number of employees and expanded to several offices in new areas and major customers. Corporate Director Elected and served as Board member for a major firm. During this time the company replaced the long range plan, improved the management, and doubled the profits. Elected and served as a member of the Board and as an officer for three other companies. Expert Through education, training, experience, rigorous testing, and official approval I gained three licenses as a Professional Engineer. Recommended, tested and approved to provide expert witness testimony in High Court, other courts of law, and arbitration tribunals. Education Bachelor of Science, Engineering, Management Specialty, University of California Berkeley, with honors Honoraries including Phi Beta Kappa Bachelors, Business Administration, Psychology Studies
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