We are delighted to have the resources from many capable and experienced partners, analysts, technical experts, business experts, and international investors.  Through modern communications, we can reach far beyond simply using someone who happens to be local.

We and you can too, daily use efficient communications such as e-mail, instant messaging, sending .PDF documents, various networks and websites.  As needed, we use sharing systems for spreadsheets, charts and documents.  We use IP telephony, e.g. Skype.  Online conferencing tools such as Zoom, Join Me and GoToMeeting have rendered location irrelevant.

The web gives us access to worldwide partners, experts, and associates across China, USA, Europe, Israel, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, and South America.  An increasing number in our network see no need to spend the extra time and cost for face to face meetings with us.  Some investigations, confidential reviews, and research require complete confidentiality.  In these cases, we can communicate using intermediate and electronic meeting systems (EMS).

 James S. Dielschneider, Managing Director

Skype name: JsDielschneider


You can post your comments on our website.  You can send questions by e-mail.  We can all benefit through sharing our expertise.

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