James S. Dielschneider

James S. Dielschneider has a unique combination of experience and knowledge in international investing, technology, and business.  A book Reviewer: “Definitely worth a read. Will open your mind to new possibilities. “ his knowledge is off the beaten path.”

International Technology Business Investment

For many years Dielschneider has invested in large and small countries around the world.  He invests in companies, venture capital opportunities, technology business start-ups, foreign currencies, bonds, commodities and other investments.

International Perspective

Dielschneider has worked and lived in more locations than can be easily counted.  He has traveled throughout the world and now lives in Switzerland.  He understands the interrelations of countries, regions, business practices, international trade, regulations, trends, innovation, new discoveries, cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and history.

He seeks out people and organizations that are making this a better world for us all.  In the process, he goes beyond the constant bad news of disaster, decline, conflict, and lack. His training as an engineer leads him to discover the objective facts.  He delights in discovering that what is widely believed about a specific investment is in fact based on indirect perceptions, prejudices, misleading information, lack of understanding, ignorance, misunderstanding, propaganda, false reports, exaggerations,— and no research.

Discovering Trends

A large part of Mr. Dielschneider’s time and attention is devoted to finding and analyzing the latest trends.  Although it seems tedious to list them here, each is critically important to investment decisions. Examples of the trends he follows regularly include trends in business, economics, currencies, stock markets, commodities, shipping, resources, food, medical care, mobile payment systems, social networks, big data, emerging countries, work ethics, honesty, corruption, taxes, conflicts, culture, customs, government regulations, and other significant trends.

Developing Technology

Technology is a lifelong interest of Mr. Dielschneider, from creating a robot in grammar school, building a high performance automobile as a teen, through his education and careers in technology, his experience and training have yielded an advanced understanding of a wide range of complex technologies.  James started implementing computer systems to his work while attending University of California, Berkeley.  He applied his experience and education attaining an engineering degree with academic honours combined with his management experience and an additional degree in Business.

He uses this as a resource for international business, start-ups, investment and venture capital.

Dielschneider has developed systems and applications to analyze the value of new innovations to determine if it will change the world or replace some established technology. Is it a technology the public will fear? Will governments or industries block the implementation? Will legal challenges and conflicts slow the implementation? Just as important are questions about the viability of technology. Is it economically viable? Will it function as imagined? What existing technology is included and is it patented or can it be copied? Can the intellectual property be protected and will the patents withstand court challenges? These and many more questions must be answered to Dielschneider’s satisfaction before he invests or recommends that others invest.

He applies these skills to create computer systems to optimize the combination of investing, technology, and business.  These complex intelligence systems of Dielschneider International provide systems to efficiently select the best investment opportunities, manage portfolios, automated trading, and manage finances.

International Technology Venture Capital Investments

Mr. Dielschneider has benefitted as an investor in several international venture capital partnerships.

His understanding and skills in venture capital investing has developed from many years of experience.   Mr. Dielschneider’s procedure is to take the time for research and objective analysis.  This is his approach for finding and selecting the best venture capital funds.

Mr. Dielschneider has worked together with several venture capital partnerships.  Others he has close involvement and know the partners.  When needed, with others, he identifies and becomes informed of the strongest venture capital partnerships, their focus, their procedures, and successes.

Venture capital investments in international technology require analysis, screening, seeking, and recommendations, linked to unique investing, science, business, international skills, and experience.  Such skills are required to review, research and explain complex new technologies to investors, their lawyers and accountants.  Explain and clarify that start ups and projects are completely different than routine annual budgets used by operating managers, accountants and financial persons.

Review, research and explain complex new technologies to investors, bankers, lawyers and accountants.  Start-up enterprise development, identify and explain: unknowns, financial analysis, risks, problems, and create solutions.  Apply extensive, practical project experience to new technology, new innovators, new managers, and a new enterprise.

Applications are made by Mr. Dielschneider to analyze, the value of a new innovation, will it change the world, will it replace some established technology, will the public fear it, will governments block the implementation, will legal challenges and conflicts slow the implementation, is this economically viable, will it function as imagined, what existing technology is included, is it patented, can it be copied, can  the intellectual property be protected, will the patents withstand court challenges, can it be licensed, is there a likely company that can develop the technology into a product or service, does anyone want it, who are the potential customers, where are the customers, what is the potential value of the market, does it depend on any scarce resource, who controls the needed materials, who can market it, what is the source of funding, can this be scaled up to generate a return on investment, are the creators capable to develop this into a successful business, and can they continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition?

An example of Mr. Dielschneider’s direct experience is:  Evaluate and decide international venture capital investments in technology for a large fund.  Provide international investment, technology, and business start-up experience to:    Investigate each potential investment, interview key technologists and managers, evaluate management skills, validity of the technology, consider if the technology is defensible against competition, consider the benefits of the invention, software or technology, evaluate the potential for sales growth, competition, financial forecasts.  Evaluate international considerations such as effective international management, customers in other countries, intellectual property, foreign governments, cultural biases, and risks.  Stock market listing research for venture capital.  Determine the best market for a specific start up to be listed in an IPO.

Business start-ups

Created many start-ups from identifying a potential through every detail into full operation.   On other businesses, worked with investment partners to facilitate and develop these businesses.  He has identified, mitigated, and solve the wide range of problems that arise in building and financing companies.

He built two companies from one customer, few employees in one office to many customers, a full range of technical and management employees and expanded to several offices in new areas and with major customers.

As the companies expanded, his tasks evolved into: find and retain the best accountants, lawyers, suppliers, and associated companies.  Establish controls, risk management, policy and procedures, write contracts, invoice and collect from customers.  Further expansion including mentoring employees and managers, exploring related markets, locations, products and services, personnel management, evaluations, training, supervision, counseling, create stock and partnership agreements.  Growth improvements.  Profit improvements.  Review, analyze, find problems, and create solutions.

As complexities increased, it became necessary to identify specific tasks, how to accomplish the tasks,  clarify needed systems, schedules, budgets, controls, quality assurance, project risk management, find and assign qualified project managers and experts.

Using the experience from performing the full range of tasks in managing projects:   Identify and minimize risks.  Identify potential time, cost, safety, and quality risks in advance.  Mitigate difficulties before they become a significant problem.

Mr. Dielschneider managed hundreds of technology and management projects.  Consulted to banks, major corporations, institutions and government; explaining complex technology, discovering problems, analyzing financial strength, operations, organization and providing specific recommendations for action.

Company founder and Entrepreneur

Dielschneider has been president, developer, and principal owner of six technology companies. During the start-up of his first two companies, he performed every task.  For example, finding a need, determining who are the potential customers, what is required to produce the product or service, developing a strategy, creating and writing a business plan, forming a company, registration, financing, implement accounting procedures, finding and establishing offices or factories, and recruiting employees.

At the peak of the California .com boom, he sold his last USA business and increased his focus on international technology, business, and investing while living and working abroad.

Corporate Director

Elected and served as a member of the Board and as an officer of four companies.  As an example, while serving as a board member for a major firm, the company replaced the long range plan, improved the management, and doubled the profits.


He is trained as an international arbitrator.  He is trained as arbitrator by the American Arbitration Association.  He has been selected as an arbitrator and as a member of arbitration panels.


Mr. Dielschneider was recommended, tested and is approved to provide expert witness testimony in High Court, other courts of law, and arbitration tribunals.   He has been retained to investigate, analyze, and resolve hundreds of management and technical problems.

Professional Education

Dielschneider was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Honours from the University of California, Berkeley and another Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon.  He applies his additional education in psychology to evaluate start-ups, invest, and solve business management issues.

The Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, inducted him into the Phi Beta Kappa, National Scholastic Honorary. Invitations to membership in Phi Beta Kappa are to those who have demonstrated intellectual integrity, a broad range of academic interests, tolerance for other views, with a commitment to the arts and sciences, and a commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression. Each year, about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa.

He was elected to membership in Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honorary, and other organizations to which students are admitted in recognition of high academic achievement.

Published Books

Opportunities for your Fortune

Investment Manager; Who is the best for you?

Create your own wealth, use IT + AI

International Investing; You Can Do It, Second Edition

International Investing; Opportunities

International Investing; You Can Do It

Each of the books are available as an Amazon Kindle eBook.  Available to you in other formats and sources.  Post a request in the Company website:  www.dielschneider-international.com


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