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Whom can you ask, when your image is that you already know?

Not anyone close as the relationships prevent them from being direct and objective.

Not your friends or family as they do not have the experience and knowledge.

Not those who entrust you with their money because you need their trust in you.

Not your competitors who would then know your weaknesses.

Not your partners or co-workers who are competing with you for influence.

Not your employees, as you want them to have confidence in your ability to be in charge.


This website is a unique combination of: International Investing, Technology, and business.  A great many people provided the foundation of the resources obtainable through this website.

Actual experience and expertise are fundamental to International Investing, Technology, and business.  The ability to combine diverse fields I gained by a dual education and wide experience.  Further, I have a broad range of experts and international resources.

Some may find it hard to understand how one person can have so much experience and so many skills.  The simple answer is I have hardly done anything else.  I have worked since I was 10 years old.  I enjoy creating value and opportunities.

When you want concepts and solutions for your use to succeed in this world, contact us.