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The purpose of this „International sharing“ page is to share facts, valid observations, and actual experiences for the benefit of all.

What have you learned that would help others to better know other cultures?

What could you suggest that a person observe that would broaden their understanding of other people?

Describe an experience that is an example of what can happen when a person ventures out.

All Together ?

Some choose to collaborate to improve our world.  Examples are the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, etc.

International collaboration to advance new technology is increasing.  Vital examples are improving education throughout the World.  This includes: Developing early education of children to work together in Peace with others.  Educating the young who have no qualified  teachers to learn with tablet computers online classes and other collaborative programs.  Creative more automatic translations to Share the basics throughout the World.  Producing education robots that use the best teaching methods  used by the most outstanding educators in the world.

Sharing programs and methods that succeed in changing  ignorant, misguided, destructive young people into productive, peaceful men and women.

Many years of international living, working, and investing have included meeting people who see the world from the view of my people in conflict with those other people.  If you have accomplished or observed resolution of conflicts post them below.  You can help by sharing methods that can help others to resolve conflicts and work together for mutual success.



People throughout the world have taken the time to give me an international perspective.

They helped me learn the different typical straight forward technical and business procedures in other regions and countries.  There are dramatic lessons from experiencing the results of different histories, religions, ethics, traditions, languages, conditions, lifestyles, gestures, methods, educations, superstitions, technologies, facilities, governments, legal systems, biases, currencies, banking, finance, business methods, and other influences.  Getting results without the accustomed facilities and resources is a challenge and reminds me to be grateful for what we have. It is an inspiration to help improve for the future of others.

International working relationships are difficult but the combined benefits are far beyond any one person.

As a result of all these people, you can gain from the concepts in this website.

You can gain a broad spectrum of international investing, technology, and business in the world through the web.

Ask questions when needed.  Post your knowledge on this website.  It can help others.

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