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  • Chinese containerDeveloping Economies

The best opportunities are in the strongest, fastest growing developing economies the entire world. Fundamentally they are source of the best investment opportunities we are finding.

Currently the developing economies include over a quarter of the world’s land area and more than 40% of the world’s population.

Since they are developing rapidly, by 2050 the combined economies are forecasted to eclipse the combined economies of the current richest countries of the world.

  • China

Within a focus on opportunities for start-ups, growth, venture capital, and business investment, China far exceeds any other nation.

Changes are so rapid, for success in China, you need to access the widest attainable range of information resources and associates in China.

The laws, protection of intellectual property, courts, dispute resolution are improving.  The most successful businesses we know:

  • Are using technology further advanced than that of competitors within China.
  • Have Chinese nationals as key lead managers.
  • Are closely involved with the Chinese government.
  • Are continuing to innovate, are in an evolving sector.
  • Have key research in process in some other country with innovative researchers, and strong intellectual property laws.
  • USA

According to the Wuhan University Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation, the most top-rated universities are in the USA.  An example is the University of California, Berkeley, where I obtained one of my university degrees.  As a result, much of the most innovative research development in the world is accomplished near these universities.  We observe you need to maintain expert and information sources to keep ahead of emerging developments.

  • Europe

The German economy is strong.  They have many manufacturing companies that are internationally competitive.  Each country has different capabilities, interests, and governance.  Overall Europe is a source of some innovation, some specialties.  Growth in developed nations is moderate.

  • Where is the best market for an International technology IPO?

Venture capital partners need this advice for their emerging companies.

Considerations for you to consider from an example:  We reviewed all the significant exchanges in the world.  Many exchanges have too few IPO listings and trading volume to be a prudent choice.  Complex and restrictive listing requirements, including requirements for local ownership, exclude many exchanges.  Cross border capital restrictions greatly impede international investors from some exchanges.  It is clear the capital restrictions, local ownership requirements, and complex listing requirements cause the number of listings to be too small and the international trades too few to justify consideration for an IPO listing.  A stable, dependable legal, governmental, and public environment is essential to limit risk to an acceptable level.

Key criteria of this specific IPO as a basis for further detailed analysis include:  The customers are large, international companies operating in Europe, the USA, and other regions.  The resources and the processing plant are in China.  The technology is from New Zealand.  Specialists in other countries are part of the success.

We recommended Singapore as the best market for this IPO.  We give thanks to our international network for assisting me in this detailed analysis.  We found the required local sponsor and other relationships to progress to a successful IPO.  Fortunately, the local sponsor had investors who would finance the expansion for the scale to present an attractive IPO to investors.

When you want to succeed, contact us to help you.

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