Years of education generated the information and understanding of the complexities of technology, projects, management, business start-ups, and finances.  I am grateful for the teachers and the professors of management, finance, economics, psychology, science, engineering, mathematics, English, German, and all the other related subjects.  The founders and builders of the University of California, Berkeley and University of Oregon were essential for the educational resources we could use.

I am grateful attorneys have retained me to investigate international investments.  I gained the opportunity to investigate, analyze, prepare detailed reports, clarify, and provide proof.  It is an exciting challenge to investigate and discover what others are endeavoring to hide.  The gross errors of those who caused problems gave me examples of mistakes I would not otherwise imagine possible.  Examples of malfeasance provided me with the skills of what to look for and what could result if left unresolved.

I am thankful that I had many role models of how to be effective in different roles. They helped me to be an effective angel investor, venture capital partner, and international investor, Chairman, board member, and other roles.  Over time, I learned from working together with others of different capabilities than mine.  The working relationships are difficult but the combined benefits are far beyond any one person.

As a result of all these people, you can gain from the concepts in this website.  Ask questions when needed.