Venture Capital & Angel Investing

 Venture Capital

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Venture capital can only be fully understood by actually performing it.  Persons who simply want to invest can participate as limited partners.  The key is to very carefully seek the best venture capital funds.  This requires time and objective analysis.

I have worked together with several venture capital partnerships.  Others I have close involvement and know the partners.  When needed, with others, I identify and become informed of the strongest venture capital partnerships, their focus, their procedures, and successes.

Venture capital investments in international technology require analysis, screening, seeking, recommendations, linked to unique investing, science, business, international skills, and experience.

Such skills are required to review, research and explain complex new technologies to investors, their lawyers and accountants.

Some examples, based on my direct experience are:  Evaluate and decide international venture capital investments in technology for a large fund.  Provide international skills on the investment committee.

Stock market listing research for venture capital.  Determine the best market for a specific start up to be listed in an IPO.

Angel Investing

Angel investing is an opportunity to help innovative persons to create an improvement to our world.  Prudent investments can bring large gains.  Angel investing is very high risk and can best be done if you can acquire the capabilities and experience of successful angels.

I could describe what I have learned from many years of experience.  For you, the best overview and advice on angel investing I have ever found is from Paul Graham’s  “How to be an Angel Investor”.  Here is the link to this excellent and easy to read presentation:




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