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Discoveries, based on our extensive research and analysis.  Examples:

Significant trends providing opportunities to achieve capital gains.

New technology developments that provide opportunities to achieve increasing gains.

Which themes, also called sectors, Foci, motifs, etc. offer the best opportunities for your investment.

International changes and trends that you would not see in the news within your country.

Significant risks and how to mitigate the impacts on your investments.

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A list of what are the best investments resulting from our extensive research and analysis.  These are our current investments.  You can discover the percentages for each investment to achieve the maximum gain, based on our research and analysis.  You can discover the most recent additions to our ongoing investments plus the investments we sold to generate the cash for the new purchases.

Comparison of the investment performance of each Investment Manager, Investment Account, and Investment services included in our books.  These are based on an analysis of actual investments in each significantly different choice.  The analysis of each is adjusted to a typical investment amount of $100,000.  This is based on research.

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