• Acknowledgements

    I am grateful for the professors, founders, and builders of the University of California, Berkeley for the educational resources we could use.

    We can all be grateful that the engineering profession protects the public.  The requirements are extensive including education, work training, mentoring, testing, and licensing. For each license I obtained, the board verified that I was fundamentally a careful, responsible professional.  We all need that professional assurance.

    Fortunately, clients have asked us to take over troubled complex technical projects and organizations.  This work is far more exciting and provided opportunities to observe failures, what caused the problems, and how to solve for success.  The gross errors of those who caused the problem gave us examples of mistakes we would not otherwise imagine possible.

    I am grateful attorneys have retained me as an expert witness.  My staff and I gained the opportunity to investigate, analyze, prepare detailed reports, clarify, and provide proof.  It is an exciting challenge to investigate and discover what others are endeavoring to hide.  Examples of malfeasance provided me with the skills of what to look for and what could result if left unresolved.  The opposing attorneys, judges, and arbitrators, caused me to be far more prudent in what I concluded and how to make the complex completely clear.  I appreciate it now when someone asks me to better clarify a complex technical matter.

    Much of my experience resulted from my living at a broad range of emerging businesses and projects to analyze the needs, establish the organization, scope, schedule, budgets, controls, and project management.  More difficult was to go into a troubled business or a project, analyze the problems, develop solutions, and resolve all the accumulated problems.

    I am grateful for the associations and leaders who taught me and others how to be responsible and effective mediators, and arbitrators.

    As a result of all these people, you can gain from the concepts in this website.  You can accumulate a vast store of knowledge by use of the world wide web and diligent learning.  It is up to you.