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In International investing, technology and business, there are projects.  Some are typical routine tasks that can be managed by proven staff.  Many times over my career, I have uncovered and solved major failing projects.  It is clear that the least risk, cost, time, and distraction are obtained by retaining a qualified expert.  A qualified expert must have extensive experience in  complex technical projects of a similar scale.  Find the expert in advance.  Every project not well managed becomes even worse as time and money are used.   Compared to effectively managed projects, I have often observed delays of over triple the time and final costs double and in a few cases, triple.  When there is a question, take action immediately.  Following are few examples of what is needed.

  • Project Analysis and management

Review major, complex projects for investors and financial organizations.  Including on site detailed observations, interviews of project, and design management, review and analysis of contract obligations, budgets, cost forecasts, schedules, progress, quality, disputes and risks.

A public company or organization usually has accounts and financial reports.  A typical prudent review can clarify the value based on revenues, profits, and financial strength.  One could assume that this would cover the performance of management of an established, ongoing business.

Many companies and organizations have changes and projects.  An accounting review is only as good as the established, ongoing accounts.

Far more difficult is the progress of the changes and projects.  The most important is the tasks remaining to be completed.  Determining the specific tasks, management, cost, and time.

This can best be performed by an expert with extensive experience in changes and projects including: Program management, management of projects, from planning, design, and production to completion.  Multiple project and program management investigations, reviews and recommendations.

  • Complex, multiple projects analysis and solutions

Apply direct experience in complex issues involving project and program management, business management, defective design, project delays, changes, acceleration of work, rework, revenue loss, overpayment, budgeting, scheduling, productivity loss costs and equipment standby costs.

  • Unusual projects

For busy project managers, CEOs, investors, financial with an unusual number of projects, more complex, or bigger than usual:  Supplement project management to help with many tasks, schedule, cost estimating, staffing, manpower, equipment, supplies, resources , needed.  Determine allowances for unexpected costs, and delays.  Support project managers to convince upper management measures to mitigate risks and that projects are never exact, unexpected problems are frequent and cannot always be easily solved.

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